Remedies for Resistance – Final call for Remedies

A project by Raju Rage

Do we know how to care for ourselves and each other? What is collective care? How do we practice collective care within our communities? Do we have medical knowledge? Do we have our own remedies? Have these passed along through family, kinship or through networks? How do we know or find about them? Who do we share them with and how?

In this time of Covid having access to wellbeing is crucial. How do we access this? We might rely on people we know, strangers, essential workers, doctors and NHS, family members, friends, local mutual aid projects, ourselves, or even the government.

We would like to gather remedies and their stories that we can share with each other in a self-published maga/zine.

Do you have a remedy with a story, a tale, a recipe, a memory? If so, please send to Phone/text/whatsapp: 07751240427. Let us know if you’d like to speak about it with us, and we can arrange a phone call.

To start the conversation, Raju has made this newsletter, which shares recipes for their own immune boosting remedies, including a family recipe for ginger and turmeric tea, fire cider, and an immune boosting shot. Click below to read Raju’s words and to access the recipes:

Raju’s Ginger and Turmeric Tea Recipe