Random Acts of Kindness Day

For Random Acts of Kindness Day, we are thinking about our friend Arthur, whose acts of kindness are legendary in Bootle and Waterloo. Arthur has been really ill the last couple of months but we hear he is on the mend, we’re looking forward to seeing him again when he’s better. 

His spontaneous acts of kindness were always welcome, and he’d always surprise us with unexpected gifts of things he knew we would like, from books to biscuits — he always knew how to bring joy to any day at the Library and put a smile on our faces. His warmth, empathy and joy for helping gave him great purpose and filled him with meaning. Even whilst he has been ill, we’ve heard his strength and compassion towards others has carried on defiantly. So today, we are dedicating the day to him — just one of our many amazing community champions.  

If you can think of an act of kindness or someone who deserves a mention for their big heart and good will, we would love to hear them, just email your thoughts to: hello@atthelibrary.co.uk

Now more than ever, kindness and compassion are so important to supporting each other’s wellness and contributing to collective happiness — even the smallest act can change someone’s day or even life. It’s also important to be kind to ourselves, so make self-care a priority today and be compassionate towards yourself, as well as others.