Mindful movement

Yoga instructor Katy Gilmour invites you to be gently guided through a nourishing embodied practice, exploring, breath, movement and meditation.

This is a gentle, chair-based practice, suitable for all ages and abilities. Sessions will take place in Bootle library, and later in the garden.

Funded in partnership with the Canal and Rivers Trust.

more about Katy Gilmour

Katy has been teaching Yoga for the last 6 years. They are passionate about guiding both men and women on their journey — helping people to discover and re-discover the seasonal cycles, energies and the elements of nature within.

Katy uses nature as a vehicle to come home to themself: through nature we can re-claim the wisdom we carry within ourselves, bringing us back to our true selves and purpose.

Katy’s training includes an extensive travel in India, Australia and Europe, exploring Women’s yoga and Leadership, Seasonal Yoga, Trauma informed yoga, Hatha, Astanga, children’s yoga, Reiki and the shamanic Munay-Ki rites.

Over the last year, Katy has taken healing work deeper, training in Sekhem and temple arts, as well as Quantum Transfiguration. Their own healing journey and trauma informed approach is the foundation on which they teach.