Soft Sanctuary

We invited artist Bella Milroy to design a programme of workshops throughout Autumn 2019. The project celebrated the sanctuary nature of the library as a place to relax, feel safe and looked after: cosy duvet-day vibes with a morning workshop, free meal and accompanying mental-health colouring book.

Activities included:

Access as Meditation; Writing and Poetry Workshop with Bella Milroy

Using social media models as a starting point, we explored how using image descriptions and closed captioning can offer new methods of being mindful and present in the moment whilst positively contributing to the accessibility of online spaces. 

Two Loom Cloth: Performance/Workshop by Raisa Kabir

A collaborative weaving workshop using a two person back strap loom. This way of weaving is an action in understanding the collaboration, tension, energy and production needed to create a two-loom cloth, woven from both sides.

Sick-Day Banquets

Lunchtime meals designed by disabled artists Leah Clements, Kyla Harris, and Romily Alice Waldon. Each menu represented the artist’s ideal sick-day foods, a significant and often transformative source of happiness for many of us that live under difficult circumstances. The menus focused on comforting, simple, accessible and soul-warming foods that celebrate and prioritise joy.

Introduction to Sick Day Banquets by Bella Milroy

Leah Clements’ Sweet Jacket Potato

Kyla Harris’ Comfort Ramen

Romily Alice Waldon’s Burritos

Mental Health Colouring Book

Designed by Invalid Art, promoting mental-health maintenance and finding safe sanctuaries in our daily lives.