Listening in… Shortwave Collective

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Listening in…to Shortwave Collective as they help us to build Open Wave Receivers in Crosby Library and use them to search for signals near Crosby Beach.

The Open Wave Receiver developed from a period of experimentation and innovation around building home made receivers. The group produced an adaptable design for a receiver that could use different materials which would produce different levels and types of reception. This design has been shared through workshops, articles and recordings, one of which Shortwave Collective have been kind enough to share with us below:

Crosby has a historical relationship with radio as it was the site, in 1903, of one the first wireless radio stations in the world established for maritime radio communication. More information is available through the Radio Officers’ Association website here and the local history archive at Crosby Library.

Shortwave Collective is an international, feminist artist group established in May 2020, interested in the creative use of radio. They meet regularly to discuss feminist approaches to amatuer radio and the radio spectrum as artistic material, sharing resources, considering DIY approaches and inclusive structures. ‚Äč

For more about the great work that Shortwave Collective do visit their website here