elastic money

Elastic Money is an artist-led project by Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck of The Alternative School of Economics. 

Through artist and librarian-led sessions at the library, we will collaboratively redefine words and explore the phrases we use when talking about money, debt and the economy, using the process to open up conversations, demystify and reclaim language. 

Each session, we will explore words or terms and map out our own relatable definitions to create playful visuals. This will form part of a publication: A Lexicon of Debt, which we will distribute locally to share our collective knowledge as experts through experience. 

Through the process, we will think about living well despite life’s challenges, remove the shame around talking about money and build a network of solidarity, agency and support for the collective issues our community faces together. 

This work will run alongside ‘Money Matters’ – practical money management and debt advice, delivered by Venus’ team of experts, taking place every Wednesday 

This work has been funded by The European Challenge: a programme which brings together libraries and communities across Europe to develop and test new models for how libraries can respond to urgent matters facing communities.  

Building on conversations started in 2022 from Rule of Threes and Venus’ partnership project “Moon in Venus”, we invited Amy and Ruth back to work with community members, librarians and partners from Venus Charity to explore how libraries can better respond to the cost of living crisis and financial pressures facing working-class communities. 

elastic money Events

17th Jul 2024, 10:30am Bootle Library

Join us for our next Elastic Money session at Bootle Library. Using collage, drawing and printmaking, these fun, informal workshops will be an opportunity to be creative, express opinions and explore ideas. 

For the next session we’ll be block printing together, making our own logos and money stamps and using the creative activity to talk about our opinions, experiences and perspectives on money and debt.

Wednesday 17th July

10:30am – 12:30pm

Bootle Library


Elastic money is part of an artist-led project about the language we use when talking about money, debt and the economy. No experience needed. 

Free Event, no booking required