Digital Workshop sheets

With local lockdowns and restrictions making it hard for us to be together, we know it can feel a little bit isolating lately, especially if you aren’t used to using technology. The At the Library Team has created a weekly series of step-by-step digital workshop sheets to help you understand how to use digital devices and stay connected with people. 

Each week, we will be releasing a digital workshop sheet — explaining everything from getting to know which device you have, to getting set up on Zoom. These sheets are available from the Library, along with support from Library staff. To request the workshop sheets, please ring Crosby Library’s IT Help Desk: 0151 257 6400 between 10 am – 12 pm on Monday mornings, and they supply these to you.

The sheets are also available below to download — so you can print them out and give them to a family member, neighbour, or someone you know in need, to help them learn more about using digital and staying connected. We are hoping to provide support to as many local people in Bootle and Crosby who need it as possible, so please share the sheets with anyone you know if struggling.

Having a problem?

If you hit a problem using the sheets, and need extra support, please email a ‘Digital Support Booking form’ (available below) to about your problem and the team will contact you for support. However, we know for the first few workshop sheets, people might not have an email address set up yet — not to worry — they can just call us on Crosby Library’s IT Help Desk: 0151 257 6400 between 10 am – 12 pm on Monday mornings.

Week 5: Facebook & Facebook Messenger

Week 4: WhatsApp

In week 4, we will look at how to use WhatsApp — a secure messaging software, that allows people to text, chat, and share voice messages, videos and pictures with other people or groups of friends. 

Week 3: Zoom

For week 3, we will learn all about Zoom — a video calling tool we often use to host our workshops and events. It allows you to enter an online ‘meeting room’, where you can see people, chat and create together, from the saftey of your own home.

week 2: setting up an email address & downloading an app

This week, we will help you learn how to create your own email address and how to download an app to your device. These two steps will help you on your way to getting set up using things like Zoom, WhatsApp and Facebook, which we will explore in the following weeks.

week 1: the basics – devices, internet & wi-fi

In week one, we will talk you though the basics: how to connect to the Wi-Fi, the Internet and what device you have. This will set the foundation to help you searching for websites and information, and connecting with others.