Bootle Mappers – A Green Treasure Hunt

‘Maps are only an excuse for the journey they set us on.’

‘Bootle Mappers’ is a live treasure hunt exploring nature, wildlife and connected people and stories in Derby and Linacre. You sign up to become one of the esteemed Bootle Mappers and over 5 weeks we, the ‘mapping headquarters team’ will send you weekly quests to go on and little tasks to fulfill, mark them on a map and return the gems you find back to us. These quests might be about scoping out your favourite green space, looking for a good foraging place or (watch out!) finding the most huggable tree. If you are currently self-isolating or have mobility issues, you can still take part by walking the neighbourhood in your mind or ask us to find places for you and take a picture.

Together we will create a map of our local nature assets – places, stories and people.
If you want to take part, please contact us at or by phone/text/WhatsApp 077240427

Bootle Mappers Task 1:

What is your favourite green space in Bootle? This could be a private garden, a public space, a tiny slither of green by the road or even a roundabout! Mark the space(s) on your map. Tell us why. Send us a story (or a memory) about that space and take a photo or make a drawing. Please share your response with us by Sunday this week if you can by text (to 07751240427) email or social media either post it to us at Facebook or #BootleMappers. If possible too we’d love a image of the place as marked on your map – if you need help with this let me know.