At the Library Voices

An ongoing programme of podcasts for At the Library. Working with people from the area we want to tell the story of the Humans of Bootle. Podcasts have been recorded and developed through podcasting workshops, talks and listening sessions at the library.

The Poets of our Library of Light

Crosby Libraries poetry group read out poems written for Jenny Steele’s project Our Library of Light

Ciara Philips – Press Room

Turner prize nominated artist Ciara Philips came to Crosby Library to explore Brexit and the UK press through the collaborative, evolving artist space Press Room

People At the Library: Camilla and the story of Bootle

Local Historian and At the Library Volunteer Camilla chats with Laura about her interest in the story of Bootle.

Fairland Feast

A recording of the first Fairland Collective Feast at Bootle Library

Foodsketz Blue Monday Lunch

Readings from the book ‘You and I Eat the Same’ On the Countless ways Food and Cooking Connect Us to One Another, Chris Ying which inspired the flatbread workshop at Crosby Library 21st January 2019.

People At the Library: Rita Anderson

A conversation with lovely Rita Anderson who has participated in many of the At the Library Programmes and has lived in Bootle since she was a young woman. Instrumental in setting up playgroups in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Rita talks about this and her feelings as a woman, daughter, mother, wife and playgroup leader.

Doing, Making, Talking

This is a selection of various conversations from out and about, workshops and with people involved in the At the Library Programme.

LIVE Broadcast: Bootle Women

A live chat from Bootle library about gender and life in Bootle

LIVE Broadcast: Bootle Men

A live chat from Bootle Library about gender and life in Bootle

People At the Library: Sister Mary O’Dea

This is an interview captured during a chance meeting with a visitor to Bootle Library who also happens to be a nun. We talk through the meaning of life and Mary’s life long pursuit of her calling to God.

People At the Library: Laura and Les

At the Library Producer Laura talks with Lesley Davies of Sefton Libraries about how the project began

Lost Libraries of the Silk Road: artist talk with Abigail Reynolds

In 2016 Abigail travelled to fifteen sites of libraries which have been lost to political conflict, natural catastrophe, revolution, and war from 291 BCE to 2011 along the whole length of the Silk Road – in China, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Egypt, Italy and Iran. In this talk she describes her journey, which started with her own involvement in the fight to save her local library in St Just, Cornwall.