Kitchen Table Collective Celebration: pictures, recipes & a poem

On the 25 March, we invited members of the Kitchen Table Collective to join us for a fantastical feast at Crosby Library, using our new ceramic dinner service for the first time. The dinner service was carefully been crafted by local people over a series of clay making sessions over Autumn, led by Aliyah Hussain.

Our meal was prepared by our trusty Chopping Club regulars and lead artists Greg and Niamh. We had luxurious wild garlic butter with bread baked locally by Bootle Bread; a smoked aubergine stew with beetroot swirled flatbreads, all topped off with an extravagant lemon cream croquembouche served on a glass platter made by Linny Venbles. All the recipes are available below to test out at home.

This was the first of many future feasts together in the library using the dinner service. Keep an eye out for our next meal together!


Wild garlic butter

Smoked Aubergine Stew with flatbreads, tahini sauce & pickled onion & beetroot

Lemon profiteroles with marbled shortbreads

A Poem from Arthur Bowling

you turn me

round and round

its Party time for the people of Waterloo

creativity, design yourself a Bowl

with a scenic view                   

ror me its B of the Bang time

CLAY CLAY is the Chant the Rhyme                           

feel the Pain, the Pleasure             

pottery is a skill to Treasure           

try your hand , its so touchy – feely

good for you       

feel enraptured 


no more feeling Blue              

I’ve gone for Valley of the Kings         

to a supernova with Wings          

love me, love my Greek Pottery handle      

more treasure than a Gold Panhandle 

Portraits of our Ceramics

Documented by Aliyah Hussain, here are some close ups of a handful of the creations made by community members — can you spot yours?