Kitchen Library

26th Apr 2024, 11:00am
Bootle Library

In 2023 we decided that it was time to design a much-needed new kitchen for Bootle library, where we’d be able to prepare and store big batches of preserves, ferments, herbs, spices and seasonings for use in meals throughout the year. 

A kitchen in a library has got us thinking about the idea of a kitchen as a library: what could that mean, and how could it work? Join us for April’s Chopping Club, in which artists Greg and Niamh will talk through possibilities for Kitchen Library and do some batch making together!

Friday 26th April

11am – 2pm

Bootle Library

We’ll make a big batch of fruit scrap vinegar as a group, which we’ll ferment over the coming weeks, creating a vinegar ‘mother’ culture which can be used to make future batches of vinegar in the library and at home. 

Everyone who joins us will be able to collect a small bottle of vinegar to take home once it’s ready (if the process succeeds! This may take a month, or more). We’ll talk about microbial mothers, ancient starter cultures, master stocks and perpetual stews whilst asking questions like: can an ingredient tell you a story about where or how it was grown? Are recipes a type of archive? Together we’ll also make a big pot of vegetable soup for lunch, using a fermented soup base, and produce a new batch of fermented veg for use in future soups!

Bootle Library

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